Source code for psd_tools.psd.image_data

Image data section structure.

:py:class:`ImageData` corresponds to the last section of the PSD/PSB file
where a composited image is stored. When the file does not contain layers,
this is the only place pixels are saved.
from __future__ import absolute_import, unicode_literals

import io
import logging

import attr

from psd_tools.compression import compress, decompress
from psd_tools.constants import Compression
from psd_tools.psd.base import BaseElement
from psd_tools.utils import pack, read_fmt, write_bytes, write_fmt
from psd_tools.validators import in_

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs] @attr.s(repr=False, slots=True) class ImageData(BaseElement): """ Merged channel image data. .. py:attribute:: compression See :py:class:`~psd_tools.constants.Compression`. .. py:attribute:: data `bytes` as compressed in the `compression` flag. """ compression = attr.ib( default=Compression.RAW, converter=Compression, validator=in_(Compression) ) data = attr.ib(default=b"", type=bytes) @classmethod def read(cls, fp): start_pos = fp.tell() compression = Compression(read_fmt("H", fp)[0]) data = # TODO: Parse data here. Need header. logger.debug(" read image data, len=%d" % (fp.tell() - start_pos)) return cls(compression, data) def write(self, fp): start_pos = fp.tell() written = write_fmt(fp, "H", self.compression.value) written += write_bytes(fp, logger.debug(" wrote image data, len=%d" % (fp.tell() - start_pos)) return written
[docs] def get_data(self, header, split=True): """ Get decompressed data. :param header: See :py:class:`~psd_tools.psd.header.FileHeader`. :return: `list` of bytes corresponding each channel. """ data = decompress(, self.compression, header.width, header.height * header.channels, header.depth, header.version, ) if split: plane_size = len(data) // header.channels with io.BytesIO(data) as f: return [ for _ in range(header.channels)] return data
[docs] def set_data(self, data, header): """ Set raw data and compress. :param data: list of raw data bytes corresponding channels. :param compression: compression type, see :py:class:`~psd_tools.constants.Compression`. :param header: See :py:class:`~psd_tools.psd.header.FileHeader`. :return: length of compressed data. """ = compress( b"".join(data), self.compression, header.width, header.height * header.channels, header.depth, header.version, ) return len(
[docs] @classmethod def new(cls, header, color=0, compression=Compression.RAW): """ Create a new image data object. :param header: FileHeader. :param compression: compression type. :param color: default color. int or iterable for channel length. """ plane_size = header.width * header.height if isinstance(color, (bool, int, float)): color = (color,) * header.channels if len(color) != header.channels: raise ValueError( "Invalid color %s for channel size %d" % (color, header.channels) ) # Bitmap is not supported here. fmt = {8: "B", 16: "H", 32: "I"}.get(header.depth) data = [] for i in range(header.channels): data.append(pack(fmt, color[i]) * plane_size) self = cls(compression=compression) self.set_data(data, header) return self