Source code for psd_tools.psd.header

File header structure.
from __future__ import absolute_import, unicode_literals

import logging

import attr

from psd_tools.constants import ColorMode
from psd_tools.psd.base import BaseElement
from psd_tools.utils import read_fmt, write_fmt
from psd_tools.validators import in_, range_

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs] @attr.s(repr=True, slots=True) class FileHeader(BaseElement): """ Header section of the PSD file. Example:: from psd_tools.psd.header import FileHeader from psd_tools.constants import ColorMode header = FileHeader(channels=2, height=359, width=400, depth=8, color_mode=ColorMode.GRAYSCALE) .. py:attribute:: signature Signature: always equal to ``b'8BPS'``. .. py:attribute:: version Version number. PSD is 1, and PSB is 2. .. py:attribute:: channels The number of channels in the image, including any user-defined alpha channel. .. py:attribute:: height The height of the image in pixels. .. py:attribute:: width The width of the image in pixels. .. py:attribute:: depth The number of bits per channel. .. py:attribute:: color_mode The color mode of the file. See :py:class:`~psd_tools.constants.ColorMode` """ _FORMAT = "4sH6xHIIHH" signature = attr.ib(default=b"8BPS", type=bytes, repr=False) version = attr.ib(default=1, type=int, validator=in_((1, 2))) channels = attr.ib(default=4, type=int, validator=range_(1, 57)) height = attr.ib(default=64, type=int, validator=range_(1, 300001)) width = attr.ib(default=64, type=int, validator=range_(1, 300001)) depth = attr.ib(default=8, type=int, validator=in_((1, 8, 16, 32))) color_mode = attr.ib( default=ColorMode.RGB, converter=ColorMode, validator=in_(ColorMode) ) @signature.validator def _validate_signature(self, attribute, value): if value != b"8BPS": raise ValueError("This is not a PSD or PSB file") @classmethod def read(cls, fp): return cls(*read_fmt(cls._FORMAT, fp)) def write(self, fp): return write_fmt(fp, self._FORMAT, *attr.astuple(self))