Source code for psd_tools.psd.color_mode_data

Color mode data structure.
from __future__ import absolute_import, unicode_literals
import attr
import logging

from psd_tools.psd.base import ValueElement
from psd_tools.utils import (
    read_length_block, write_length_block, write_bytes

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]@attr.s(repr=False, slots=True) class ColorModeData(ValueElement): """ Color mode data section of the PSD file. For indexed color images the data is the color table for the image in a non-interleaved order. Duotone images also have this data, but the data format is undocumented. """ value = attr.ib(default=b'', type=bytes) @classmethod def read(cls, fp): value = read_length_block(fp) logger.debug('reading color mode data, len=%d' % (len(value))) # TODO: Parse color table. return cls(value) def write(self, fp): def writer(f): return write_bytes(f, self.value) logger.debug('writing color mode data, len=%d' % (len(self.value))) return write_length_block(fp, writer)
[docs] def interleave(self): """ Returns interleaved color table in bytes. """ import array if bytes == str: return b''.join( array.array( 'B', [ ord(self.value[i]), ord(self.value[i + 256]), ord(self.value[i + 512]) ] ).tostring() for i in range(256) ) else: return b''.join( array.array( 'B', [(self.value[i]), (self.value[i + 256] ), (self.value[i + 512])] ).tobytes() for i in range(256) )